We have dreamed a place where we could not only see, but could also feel and experience the Indonesian lifestyle, where we could reveal our inner curiosity. A place, where we meet day after day, we smile, we cry, where we discuss life. Bar feeling with Indonesian cuisine... breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night bar, live music and terrace invite guests from the city. If you haven’t visited us yet, pop in for a drink or a coffee first or visit us with you partner after the theater performance for a light prosecco. We are waiting our guests, we are open, feel free to come!




Indonesia is the largest island country in the world, with more than 18000 island, of which about 6000 islands are inhabited. The island of Bali, belonging to Indonesia, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Beyond to the beaches lined by palm trees you can make excursions to tropical rain forests, terraced rice lands and into the mountains, and you can experience that the Balinese kindness is beyond anything. We can experience the Eat, Pray, Love feeling, which is an inner journey, that helps finding out who we are, what we want from life and teaches us looking for happy moments where ever we are in the world.

Bar and Café

Beyond the Indonesian food, the bar also plays an important role in the restaurant, which has a unique selection of drinks, cocktails, champagne and other premium quality drinks. Wines from Hungarian producers, spirits as well as the Australian and New-Zealander wines, typical of Indonesia, can be found in our selections. Beyond the draught and bottled beer, on a unique way, we are offering draught prosecco to our guests. Something new in the city: on Friday and Saturday evenings we will make a real party the restaurant, with small bites of food, even late at night. Our well known coffee selection, the Don Cortez is waiting for you.


a place to recharge


According to an Indonesian saying love comes through tasting. The Indonesian cuisine uses a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables, and pays special attention to the aesthetics of serving and to the harmony of flavors. Indonesian gastronomy is characterized by spiciness, a wide collection of herbs determining special flavors. Frequently used spices are nutmeg, cayenne pepper, galangal, turmeric, ginger or clove. Elements of the Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, as well as of European cuisine can be found in the Indonesian cuisine. Favorite raw materials are the poultry, fish and beef, as well as the coconut milk.


Indonesian flavors


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